Make Your Online Protection Reality

New ways to see our machines, and become better at protecting them

First Offline, then Online

Before we put ourselves in the vast world that is the world wide web, we need to have our machine protected and protect all the data there’s inside it so that we can see and enter wherever we want(in moderation), without having constant pressure on ourselves.

What About Those Viruses?

Most people think that they are secure if they have an anti-virus installed, which is completely wrong, well, it can make the machine a little bit safer yes but it’s nothing compared to someone who really understands what he’s installing and protecting.

You’re being tracked

We’ve all already heard about how we’re being tracked every day by our ISP’s, by our government, and even by our browsers and email, this is a thing that will increase every day if we continue to use the services that those companies provide, there are better options regarding our own email account than the most known ones like Gmail, Yahoo or even Bing.

  1. Tutanova: This is one of my favorite email providers, this is how it works, the person who does not have a Tutanota account receives a message with a link, which just says: “you have a message waiting”. Clicking on the link brings him to Tutanota’s site. Upon typing the mutually agreed password, the mail is decrypted and he can then read it. This supposes the sender and the addressee have met once before in a seedy bar downtown, to exchange the password face to face or they phoned each other to that effect or used postal mail.

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